Leave a comment below and nominate your favorite artist for next month’s poll!
The top 5 most nominated artists will make it on to the poll for voting 🙂

IMPORTANT: If someone has already nominated the artist you want, add in your vote by VOTING directly on their comment (press the thumbs up or thumbs down). This just makes it easier for us to count. If you don’t follow these instructions your nomination will not be counted.

You can nominate more than one artist, just be sure to add them in different comments so people can vote 🙂

5 Responses to “Nominations”
  1. stwabewy says:


  2. stwabewy says:

    Cát Tiên

  3. stwabewy says:

    Linda Chung

  4. stwabewy says:


  5. stwabewy says:

    Jolin Tsai

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