Bosco Wong . Pin Yin

In Love With Bosco

01 全角度愛你 : Love You From Every Angle
02 Hey Boy
03 多謝試用 : Thanks For Testing
04 忙甚麼 : Busy With What
05 普天同愛 : Worldwide Love


01 一代宗師 : Grand Master Of A Generation
02 越過高山越過谷 : Over The Mountains, Across The Valley
03 BW1213
04 畏高 : Scared Of Heights
05 千金亂散 : Spending Spree

Theme Songs

上海傳奇 : Au Revoir Shanghai
Main Theme 無人愛 : Nobody Loves
強劍 : Devil’s Disciples
Main Theme 強劍 : Strong Sword
賭場風雲 : Dicey Business
Sub Theme 第幾天 : Which Day
千謊百計 : The Price Of Greed
Main Theme 劇集 : Play Collection
我的野蛮奶奶 : Wars Of In-Laws
Main Theme 家規 : Family Rules
野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶 : Wars Of In-Laws II
Sub Theme 感激遇到你 : Grateful For Meeting You

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