Justin Lo – A Song Per Day

“A Song Per Day” by Justin Lo

Ooh whoa, ooh hey yeah ooh hey oh ooh

Every time when I’m thinking of you
I just don’t know what to do
Pinch myself when I’m dreaming of you
Making sure that you can love me too
How it slipped away, all my happy days

Though I’m acting cool, when I’m feeling blue
Just to show you that I’m through with you
While I never wanted to

How can a love so beautiful ever slip away
When I get to the place
I swear I’ll write you a song each and every day
Ooh God I’m missing you it’s driving me so insane
Standing all alone in pouring rain
Can’t explain, can’t explain all my pain…

NOTE: These lyrics may incomplete because they were based on a movie clip, not the full song.

Typed up by Alice @ Starz Central


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