Roni Trần – Hello

“Hello” by Roni Trần
Since 1987

You said, you said, hello, ooh, hello, ey

See I’ve known him all my life
Never thought I’d crave his wife, but I do
(Shame crosses me, how could this be?)
He has not asked you yet
And you have not said I do, but you will
(That’s why I regret)
The day we met

# Oh if I’d known, if all we had was the present
That it could change in the split of a second
The blame is my own
Should’ve told you right there and then
I’m a fool for my man’s girlfriend #

* You, had me at hello, how was I supposed to know
You were spoken for, he’s not even sure
You, aren’t the one for him
That’s why you don’t wear his ring
It’s time to let him go
Had me at hello *

I feel there is no end to the drama that begun when I told ya
(I can’t comprehend, this happening)
I don’t want to lose my friend, can’t go back and pretend
I don’t want ya
(I curse that day) I had him played

Repeat [#] x 1
Repeat [*] x 1

No I don’t mean to pressure you
Don’t decide what you should do
Until you feel what’s right in your heart, takes time
And if you choose to stay with him
Don’t pity me out on the limb
Cuz I know that you’re worth it

Repeat [*] x 2

Had me at, had me at
How was I supposed to, how was I supposed to know girl
He’s not even sure about it
(You) Girl you had me at hello
How was I supposed to know
Let him go, girl, let him go
Had me at hello, whoa yeah

Typed up by Alice @ Starz Central


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