Puriti – No Part Of You

“No Part Of You” by Puriti
Baby I Would

Spoken: Huh, it’s about time
So you let him go?
Yeah, it’s way too late
I’ve had enough
Girl, you deserve better
Yeah, I don’t want no part of him

Used to think that we would last
But time has gone by so fast
You try to run your game on me
Deny all that’s plain to see

Pretend I ain’t even there
Leave me like you just don’t care
But I won’t let it get to me
Just wait I’ll be okay you see

# You go out you have your fun
Then you realize your time is done
Now you wanna come back to me
But I ain’t gonna let it be #

* So you want me
But it’s way too late
You can’t have me
Cuz I’m moving on
I don’t need your love or your affection
I don’t want no part of you
You think you know me
But you gotta see
That I’m not the one
You wanna mess with
So go play your games
On someone else
Cuz I don’t want no part of you *

I see you come crawling back
Thinking you could change the past
Too bad you just lost your chance
To have me in all your plans
So sad, now you have yourself
To blame, you and no one else
I’m gone living up my life
I know things will turn out right

Repeat [#] x 1
Repeat [*] x 1

I don’t really want a part of you
Louis Vuitton handbags with the matching shoes
With your slim figure, trying to cop my figures
Your time is up like a parking meter
I’m tired of games, rekindle the flames
Feeling turbulence like we flying on planes
Would you love me if I had no fame?
No iced out chains, some things remain the same
But too much drama, from your momma
Relationships got me stronger
I could’ve been with you a little longer
Now my flow’s gotten hotter
We could’ve had a son and daughter

Repeat [#] x 1
Repeat [*] x 1

Typed up by Alice @ Starz Central


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