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Request for a specific song and type here. Please leave a comment with as much information as you can.

  • Artist Name:
  • Song Title:
  • Album and Track Number:
  • Year:
  • Category (China, Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, VN):
  • Format you want (Lyrics, Pin Yin/Romanized, Translation):

Once the request is finished we will email you the link. Also, we can only translate Vietnamese songs into English. At the moment we don’t know enough Chinese, Japanese, or Korean to translate those songs into English, sorry!

We will try to update as soon as possible, but no guarantees! 🙂

General Note: I’m working on your requests, please be patient, thank you )

Requests In Progress

  • A Herbalist Affair Theme Song [PY] for TVBADDiCTx3
  • The Point Of No Return Theme Song [PY] for TVBADDiCTx3
  • Cát Tiên – Còn Mãi Yêu Em [L] for Lothfain
  • Speech Of Silence Theme Song [PY] for Katie
  • Tinna Tình – Hoa Lài Màu Xanh [L] for Sarah
  • Battle – Step By Step [L] for GenesisNemesis
  • Susanna Kwan – Harm You [PY] for p3ntuk
  • The Academy Theme Song [SL,PY] for xJIAYINGG
  • Moonlight Resonance Theme Song [SL,PY] for xJIAYINGG
  • When A Dog Loves A Cat Theme Song [PY] for Tina
  • Andy Quách – Vẫn Biết Yêu Em [L] for Quoc-Viet-Le-The
  • Khalil Fong – If Love [PY] for bb
  • Cát Tiên – Cùng Vui Đêm Nay [L] for Nina-Elizabeth
  • Kevin Cheng – The 7th Day [PY] for lorenza
  • Hins Cheung – Ardently Love [L] for Katie

Last updated: June 4th, 2010

15 Responses to “Request Lyrics”
  1. TVBADDiCTx3 says:

    heys can you post the pinyin of the theme song of a herbalist affair by flora chan & some other guy & a point of no return by julian cheung PLEASE – i’ve been looking forever! thankkyouverymuch! ❤

  2. Lothfain says:

    * Artist Name: Cat Tien & Andy Quach
    * Song Title: Con Mai Yeu Em
    * Album: With you tonight
    * Year: 2007
    * Category: VN
    * Format you want : Lyrics in Viet

  3. Katie says:

    hii can you please add the pinyin for the song from Joye Cheng, from the new Hong Kong TVB series “Speech of Silence”? Thank you!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Could I please have Hoa Lai Mau Xanh from Tinna Tinh?(vietnamese song from a DVD ‘Van Son’) thanks!

  5. GenesisNemesis says:

    can give me lyric ‘step by step’ by battle?btw,im not korean…(=

  6. p3ntuk says:

    Artist Name:Susanna Kwan(关菊英)
    Song Title: Harm You(無心害你)
    Album and Track number: —
    Year: 2008

    I want this Fast,Thx! ^^

  7. xJIAYINGG says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if you can put up the pin yin and the simplified version of chinese lyrics for The Academy. As well as Moonlight Resonance please. (:

  8. xJIAYINGG says:

    Moonlight Resonance Theme Song- No intention to harm you by Susanna Kwan


    The Academy Theme Song-Ron Ng and a few others.

    both in pin yin/romanized version + simplified chinese symbols pls !

  9. Tina says:

    May i request? 🙂

    Artist Name: Gallen Lo & Myolie Wu
    Song Title: When A Dog Loves a Cat Theme Song
    Album and Track Number: Er, I don’t know. >Link to the song. 🙂
    Year: 2008.
    Category (China, Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, VN): HK. TVB!
    Format you want (Lyrics, Pin Yin/Romanized, Translation): Pin Yin. And possibly the english translation as well, only if you can do it. Lol!

    Thank you soooo much.

  10. Quoc-Viet Le-The says:

    * Artist Name: Andy Quach
    * Song Title: Van Biet Yeu Em
    * Album and Track Number: ??
    * Year: ??
    * Category (China, Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, VN): Vietnamese
    * Format you want (Lyrics, Pin Yin/Romanized, Translation): lyrics

  11. bb says:

    Artist Name: Khalil Fong
    Song Title: If Love (如果愛)
    Album and Track Number: —
    Year: 2008 (?)
    Category: Taiwan
    Format you want: Pinyin / Romanized

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Nina-Elizabeth says:

    Artist name: Cát Tiên
    Song title: Cùng Vui Đêm Nay
    album and track number: —-
    Year: —-
    category: Vietnamese
    format you want: full vietnamese

  13. lorenza says:

    * Artist Name: Kevin Cheng
    * Song Title: The most beautiful seventh day
    * Drama: The Seventh day
    * Category: Hong Kong
    * Lyrics, Pin Yin in cantonese

  14. Katie says:

    artist name-Hins Cheung
    song title- ardently love
    album-ardently love
    format-pin yin

    Thanks so much!!

  15. Kim says:

    Artist Name:Bosco Wong
    Song Title:Au Revoir (shanghai themesong)
    Album and Track Number: ( not a album it is one of his concert songs )
    Category : HK
    Format you want : Pin Yin

    Thank you very much i have been looking for this song for ages but i can’t seem to find it

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