Andy Quách – K.O. Intro (featuring Kalien)

“K.O. Intro” by Andy Quách ft. Kalien

Ooh whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa whoa whoa
Are you ready to rumble?
And now, for the main event
Van Son Entertainment brings to you on the red corner, AQ

Kalien: Ey, ey yo
Even though the road was rough
AQ showed the whole world he was tough
Held it down with his fare and all of his friends
And that’s where the story begins
Two years in the making, a lot of hard work
With NT and me Kalien we on the verge
Ain’t no way that we could stop now
The AQ debut album is a knockdown

Andy: Tình hỡi về đâu, nào có ai hiểu thấu
Tình ơi sao vỡ tan mau, cuộc tình nhiều lối đi
Có những khi bão giông, có lúc êm đềm trôi
Nhưng ta vẫn luôn yêu khát khao
K.O. in round one

Typed up by Alice @ Starz Central


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